The Polling Station: Trump Runs Again

Our latest episode of The Polling Station is out. William Kedjanyi, Johnny Ward and I met the day following Donald Trump’s announcement that he will run again for President in 2024.

Naturally, Trump’s future, the ramifications and betting for 2024 are the central focus of the show, but we also take a look at UK politics. Our general election is probably two years away so we discuss whether the Conservatives can turn around a huge deficit under Rishi Sunak, or whether backing Labour to win most seats equates to ‘free money’.

Unless something unexpected and dramatic, this will be our last episode of the year. But what a year it has been in the world of political betting. Hopefully those following us will have profited from Boris Johnson leaving office early (predicted consistently on these pages too), the two Tory leadership contests, the local elections and numerous by-elections, plus of course general elections around the world and the US midterms.

All past shows are available on Youtube. Look out soon for a post including the entire back catalogue.

Click here to watch the full episode of The Polling Station, free of charge.

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