The Palin Effect: 6 ways her Trump endorsement could impact the election

Palin's endorsement dominated the airwaves

They are both certain to retain dominance of media coverage, entering a pivotal period.

Rarely, if ever, has a political endorsement caused such waves. One could almost hear the cheers in newsrooms and media boardrooms when the news of Palin’s return to the political frontline emerged yesterday. Her speech at Trump’s Iowa rally, littered with histrionics, memorable soundbites and swipes at her enemies and usual targets, didn’t disappoint.

It matters not that she constantly slates that reviled enemy of the US Right – the mainstream media. They love her just like they love The Donald – because they never cease to be entertaining, newsworthy or put bums on seats. Saturday Night Live, already thriving on the back of the GOP race, will be in it’s element.

This is deeply troubling for Trump’s rivals. His front-runner status owed much to celebrity and an ability to thus far make the race all about him. Rivals have been squeezed out, struggling to be heard. Just as they hoped the race would get serious as the primaries near, Trump doubles up with a second reality TV star.

This threatens to turn the Republican Iowa Caucus on its head

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