Rubio hardens in the betting but dividing lines are emerging

GOP nomination could soon be a four-man race

Market confidence behind Marco Rubio for the US Presidency hit a new peak today, following the latest TV debate. At odds of [5.9], the Florida Senator is now rated 17% for the Presidency – the only candidate with a double figure rating besides Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton, a 55% chance at [1.85].

So far as his party’s nomination is concerned, Rubio remains runaway [2.54] favourite, which equates to a 39% rating. Donald Trump remains next best at [6.4] or 15%, followed by Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush at around [9.6] (10%).

None of these numbers appear to have been particularly affected by the debate, for which there was no obvious headline winner or loser. Unlike previous exchanges, the Fox Business Debate was very policy-heavy.

Rubio, the star performer in the earlier debates, performed confidently again but, given the chance to spell out their plans with more airtime in a slightly smaller field, others also came to the fore.

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