Five pivotal races for Super Tuesday 3

This year’s US Election cycle differs from the historical norm in so many ways, and not just due to unique candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Normally by mid-March, the parties would be in the process of coalescing around an overwhelmingly likely candidate. This time, with protest and violence at GOP front-runner Trump rallies dominating the daily headlines, consensus seems a thing of the past.

While the Republicans tear themselves apart, Democrat voters also remain reluctant to simply rubber-stamp what the market considers a virtually inevitable Hillary Clinton candidacy. After Sanders pulled off an enormous 33 to 1 upset in Michigan, nobody can be quite sure about the path ahead.

Consequently while the term ‘Super Tuesday’ normally applies to one day in the cycle, it is an apt description for the third straight week. Leaving aside the small GOP caucus in the Northern Mariana Islands, five states go the polls. All are significant, and all are interesting betting heats.

Latest Republican odds: Trump 1.12, Rubio 7.6
Latest Democrat odds: Clinton 1.06, Sanders 14.0

Always a crucial General Election swing state, Florida’s role in this year’s GOP primary process is also pivotal with 99 winner-takes-all delegates up for grabs. Having dominated the polls for months, Trump is overwhelming favourite, rated 89% likely at odds of 1.12, to take a big step towards the nomination.

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