Six reasons why the time has come to back Hillary Clinton

Clinton looks miles ahead of her opponents

Democrat front-runner’s odds look set to shorten throughout 2016

From the first moment I was asked to predict the winner of the 2016 US Presidential Election, my answer has been consistent – Hillary Rodham Clinton. However given her prohibitively short odds, I have yet to place a penny on her. Until now.

In my view, you won’t get bigger than the 1.78 currently available on the Betfair exchange, the best in the industry, between now and November. Here’s six reasons why.

Any Democrat candidate appears to enjoy an in-built advantage

There is a fundamental reason why the Democrats have consistently been favourite to be the Winning Party ever since the market opened after the 2012 election. The changing nature of the US population and distribution of votes within the electoral college appear to imply an in-built advantage.

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