US Primaries Tour: Radio interviews

Throughout my tour of the USA, I’m constantly doing radio interviews. Here’s a selection of them. As I receive copies, all are being added on here.


Forward Thinking Radio with Jonathan Aberman, at Sirius XM, Washington DC, Jan 17th


The Steve Hexom Show, for KBUR, Iowa, Jan 18th


1 hour interview with Ernest Hancock on Freedoms Phoenix Radio, Jan 27th


Lets Talk with Chris Johnson on KGRN, Iowa, Jan 28th


30 minute interview on First Coast Connect, WJCT FM, Florida with Melissa Ross. Discussing the fallout from the Iowa Caucuses. Feb 2nd.

Interview on the Bryan Crabtree Show, on Biz 1190 from Atlanta, Georgia, 25th February.

Reviewing the Michigan GOP Debate with the Political Rewind panel, hosted by Bill Nigut, on Georgia Public Broadcasting, March 4th

Interview with Tim Farley for Morning Briefing, Sirius XM, March 3rd 2016

Return interview with Jonathan Aberman for Forward Thinking Radio, Sirius XM, March 6th 2016 

Interview with Chris Lenois on “Green Mountain Mornings” for WKVT in Vermont

Long shots and sure things

Interview with Roger Wendell on ‘Metro’ for KGNU FM in Denver

Interview with Hank Stolz for WCRN, 22nd April 2016

Interview with Tommy Tucker for WWL First News

Interview with KRDO Morning News in Colorado, 27th April 2016

Interview with Dan Oschner, Ox in the Afternoon, KNSI, Minnesota, 27th April 2016

Interview with Rich Petersen for KROC AM, Minnesota, May 2nd 2016

Interview with Brett Winterble for KFMB, San Diego, May 2nd 2016

Interview with Jim O’Reily for KFIV AM, California, May 4th 2016

Interview with Lynda Steele for CKNW, May 13th 2016

Interview with Jimmy Barrett for WRVA, Virginia, 6th June 2016

The Sound of Ideas, for WCPN FM, Ohio, July 13th 2016 (Starts 24 mins in) 

Interview with for KMOX , St Louis, July 18th 2016

Interview with Maureen Cavanaugh for KPBS, San Diego, July 20th

Interview with Jim and Jennifer Ellis for BlogTalkRadio, July 29th

Interview with Lynda Steele for CKNW, August 3rd

Interview with Steele and Drex for CKNW, September 9th

Interview with Jonathan Aberman for Forward Thinking Radio, Sirius XM Progress, September 11th

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