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  • Interview for Business of Betting Podcast

    This was a most enjoyable interview from earlier this year, with Jake Williams for his Business of Betting podcast. We discuss my route into political betting and becoming a professional gambler. Of particular relevance is our conversation regarding the 2020 election and how many extra variables we have to deal with nowadays, such as fake […]

  • Interview for “Morning Briefing” on Sirius XM

    Interview for “Morning Briefing” on Sirius XM

    Yesterday I was an in-studio guest on “Morning Affair POTUS” at one of my favourite radio stations, Sirius XM, interviewed by Tim Farley. This was a particularly enjoyable interview, giving me the chance to explain my analysis of Super Tuesday. Whereas the immediate consensus was that Trump had swept the board, I argued that his […]

  • Extensive interview for Nevada Public Radio

    Extensive interview for Nevada Public Radio

    Last week I was privileged to be interviewed in-depth for Nevada Public Radio (KNPR). We discussed how and why the 2016 US Election would be the biggest political betting event of all-time and my long-range analysis of the race. I also got to explain why I placed a $10,000 bet on Barack Obama two years […]

  • US Primaries Tour: Radio interviews

    Throughout my tour of the USA, I’m constantly doing radio interviews. Here’s a selection of them. As I receive copies, all are being added on here.   Forward Thinking Radio with Jonathan Aberman, at Sirius XM, Washington DC, Jan 17th   The Steve Hexom Show, for KBUR, Iowa, Jan 18th   1 hour […]