Interview for “Morning Briefing” on Sirius XM

Yesterday I was an in-studio guest on “Morning Affair POTUS” at one of my favourite radio stations, Sirius XM, interviewed by Tim Farley.

This was a particularly enjoyable interview, giving me the chance to explain my analysis of Super Tuesday. Whereas the immediate consensus was that Trump had swept the board, I argued that his numbers actually suggested a significant dip over the past week, and that we were likely headed for a brokered convention.

In the hours afterwards, Trump’s odds drifted markedly – down from 77% to 64% for the nomination – after Mitt Romney laid out a comprehensive attack on his party’s front-runner in a keynote speech.

Click here to listen the whole interview.

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7 responses to “Interview for “Morning Briefing” on Sirius XM”

  1. You mentioned that there was no “contested/brokered convention market” on Betfair. Can I suggest you ask for this, I have already done so, the more that do, the more likely we are to get it. Thanks 🙂

    Good interview btw.

      • I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your analysis on the US election for months. As you well know, betting here in America on the US election is illegal. As I can’t access Betfair, I bet months ago on I wagered on Cruz (My personal favorite) and hedged by also betting Trump when I saw he was gaining traction. Would appreciate your opinion on my plays:
        June 25/2015 – Cruz to win POTUS — 40 to 1 — $100 to win $4000.
        July 9/2015 – Trump to win POTUS — 33 to 1 — $125 to win $4125.
        Nov 24/2015 – Cruz to win POTUS — 7 to 1 — $250 to win $1725.

        • Great bets mate, I assume the 7-1 Cruz is for the nomination? I would run it for now and cover either before the convention or afterwards by backing the Democrat candidate (Hillary).

  2. Outstanding call of the 2016 Presedential race!! Sounds like the mud getting kicked up into Trumps face coming down the backstretch is starting to have a bad impact on him.

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