Which options will emerge from Brexit mega-ballot?

This article was first published on 27th March 2019 for betting.betfair.com

In the most extraordinary series of events since the referendum, Brexit could take any number of different turns over the next few days. Having seized control of the parliamentary timetable in a bid to break the deadlock, MPs will debate and vote on a series of different Brexit options.


They can support or oppose as many as they wish. At this stage, it isn’t clear precisely what options will be on the ballot – they must be selected from numerous motions. All have betting implications and specific markets on the key amendments will be available once confirmed.

None of these votes are binding

A fundamental point to remember when playing these markets is that none of this is binding upon the government. If Parliament votes for something that is unacceptable to May or the Conservative Party, it may not be executed. To do so might require a confidence vote and general election. Some are discussing the unimaginable prospect of a ‘government of national unity’.

At this stage, everything is on the table. Few expect a majority for anything to emerge today. Rather the options will be whittled down ahead of a second series of indicative votes next Monday. Here are some of the main options.

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