Extensive Interview on Political Betting with Smart Betting Club

Here’s an extensive recent interview I did with Pete from Smart Betting Club. It was particularly enjoyable as I got to free range on my favourite topics!

We discussed how I got into betting and how my career has developed as a semi, then professional gambler, to my current combination of roles as a freelance consultant and journalist, working for betonline.ag and of course, Betfair.

Furthermore, we discussed a whole range of issues around political betting. How to find angles. Tips on how to analyse markets and avoid making mistakes. I discussed numerous previous elections and betting strategies, including the dramas of 2016 and the last UK and US elections.

Click the link below to listen and please share widely with others who may be interested in our fast growing industry. Any feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated. The best place to contact me is on Twitter @paulmotty.

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