Front-runners to regain momentum in New York

When the primaries began well over two months ago, few expected both Republican and Democrat races would still be exciting betting heats by the time the process reached New York.

Normally at this stage, the leading candidate is well on course to win a majority of delegates, and the latter primaries serve as a chance for the party to rubber-stamp their candidate ahead of the General Election. Yet ahead of tomorrow’s valuable primary in the Empire State, both races are unsettled and both parties divided.

Perhaps, with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders providing unique candidacies on either side, drawing new voters to the primaries, we should have realised this would be like no other year.

The former continues to hog most of the publicity, delegate leader and is favourite at [1.7] (equivalent to a 59% chance) to be the Republican Nominee but Trump is no nearer uniting Republicans, with at least a third viewing him unfavourably.

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