Five potential Republican primary challengers to Donald Trump

As if 2019 didn’t present enough problems for Donald Trump, there are indications that he is losing Republican support. Previously compliant Senators now oppose him on a range of issues – tariffs, troop withdrawals, the shutdown. Further opposition looms if he persists with plans to call a state of emergency over funding for his wall.

With polls indicating heavy defeat in 2020, the GOP hierarchy no longer regards him as a winner. Mega-donor Charles Koch has already said he will only finance congressional candidates in 2020 – effectively an admission of defeat.

Grim 2020 prospects make a primary challenge likelier

Space is finally opening up for Republicans to criticise. If Trump’s approvals don’t significantly improve, fewer will tie their 2020 campaigns to him. The ambitious – or those predicting indictment or impeachment – could spot an unlikely route to the White House.

A primary challenge is not certain. It is abnormal, if not unknown against a sitting president. These are abnormal times though and there is already some will for a challenge.

Polls show upwards of a third of Republicans want one. Lest we forget, there was plenty of GOP opposition to Trump’s 2016 nomination. Most races were won with less than 50% and at one stage, a contested convention was heavily odds-on.

Trump remains best priced at 1/2 with Coral to be the Republican Nominee, but the value play is to find the outsider who might dare to challenge him and perhaps end up in a dual for the nomination. Here’s five to consider.

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