Extensive Interview on the 2020 US Election With Betfair Australia

Last month, I conducted a lengthy interview with James McLoughlin from Betfair Australia. Split into four parts, we discuss my career and approach to betting – whether that be sports or politics; many of the dramatic elections and betting upsets of recent years plus of course a lengthy chat about the 2020 US Election.

Click through the link on each part to watch the video in segments.

Part 1 focuses on my career. My background in politics, gambling and journalism. Some clues to how I make a living from betting on sports.

Part 2 focuses on political betting and a discussion about why the betting markets got three major elections wrong – the Brexit referendum, the 2016 US Election and 2019 Australian Election.

Part 3 moves on to the 2020 Election. Could Biden or Trump be replaced at the top of the ticket? How can we best navigate information? Which social media accounts should we follow?

Part 4 goes deep on the 2020 Election. Why I’m backing Biden and in which states is he particularly fancied. How to play side markets, such as the electoral college, and use them to hedge against the main market. Also some thoughts on how to bet in-running, on election night.

Click here to read the full interview, free of charge, at The Hub

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