Will Donald Trump be forced out early?

Everything about his unique campaign suggested the Trump presidency would not be a conventional one, and so it has proved. A mere 121 days in, Betfair punters are backing him to leave before the end of his first term.

Normally at this stage of the election cycle, betting on US politics would be focused on long-term markets like the next election or mid-terms. Yet overnight, while most Brits were sleeping, more than 5K was placed against Trump surviving a full-term. In our Trump Exit Date market, the odds about 2017 halved to 3.6. These stories take a few hours to filter through to British audiences so expect plenty more today.

While one must be wary when discussing Trump crises – given that so many have failed to halt his progress or dent his support – the row regarding his firing of FBI Director James Comey has dramatically escalated the scandal. Whereas there was previously only dubious, circumstantial reason to call for impeachment, Trump’s pursuers now believe they have ample material and more seems to be emerging on a daily basis.

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