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First, an update. You may have noticed this blog’s disappearance over the past six months or so. This was due to a hack. Followers of my Twitter account may have some theories about that, but, as Francis Urquhart would say “I couldn’t possibly comment.”

Happily, we’re now back up and running. WordPress have made some changes in the meantime so I may take a little time adjusting to the new format. Please bear with me and feel free to ask any questions. The best way to do so is via Direct Message (DM) on Twitter – my username is @paulmotty.

Throughout 2022, most of my written content has been via Betfair’s ‘Politics Live‘ blog. This is updated on average every 2-3 days. It has been a very successful 2022, thanks to Boris Johnson’s resignation and my longstanding top-three choices to replace him as Tory leader filling those places. Albeit not in the correct order. Penny Mordaunt was the very best result but long-term readers will recall me putting up Liz Truss at odds around [30.0] well over a year ago and Rishi Sunak was repeatedly backed between [12.0] and [14.0].

Follow this link to keep abreast of the blog and all the breaking betting news from Betfair’s exchange.

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