Will Labour unite around a Cooper coronation?

In the aftermath of electoral defeat, it is conventional for the main opposition to pick a new leader. Especially if the party goes backwards. That has been the case after every election since 1987, whether Conservative or Labour. The last to stay in post was Neil Kinnock, uncontroversially given that his efforts had just yielded 20 gains.

In keeping with our unpredictable times, that obvious development is no certainty this time and nor is a unifying process. Do not assume their expected massive defeat will make Labour come to it’s senses. Their ruinous civil war may be about to become a suicide pact, with two combatants from their divisive 2013 contest representing very different visions for the party’s future.

Yvette Cooper now favourite to succeed Corbyn

The plan of the mass of Labour MPs is becoming obvious – unite around Yvette Cooper. Sparked, apparently, by one good question at PMQs after the election was called, there has been a massive gamble on the former Work and Pensions Secretary. From around 34.0 a month ago, Cooper is now the clear favourite to succeed Corbyn as  Next Labour Leader at 5.1.

On the BBC’s Sunday Politics, the journalist Isabel Oakeshott said she understood the plan was for a coronation, thus enabling MPs to swerve a contest under the rules that led to Corbyn. Oakeshott is very well connected – a member of the Chipping Norton Set, no less – and is probably repeating the direct words of Labour sources. The story also makes perfect sense as Cooper is definitely one of the party’s heavyweights and very popular among MPs.

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