Key States Analysis: COLORADO

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This state perfectly demonstrates the enormous task faced by any Republican pursuing the presidency nowadays, let alone a divisive candidate like Trump. Prior to Barack Obama, Colorado was reliably red, only voting Democrat once between 1964 and 2008. Now it seems almost naturally Democrat, forming a key part of the Clinton firewall.

Whereas Republicans invariably win Governorships in swing, ‘purple’ states, John Hickenlooper has been successful whilst pursuing a clearly liberal agenda – on gun control, marijuana, gay rights and immigration. A large, growing Hispanic population has altered the electoral maths in the Democrats’ favour, especially against a divisive candidate like Trump.

This really isn’t the ideal state for Trump. Not only must he overcome those systemic challenges, but the Republican revolt against him is stronger here than almost anywhere. It was Colorado delegates, most notably Kendal Unruh, that led the failed insurrection against Trump at the party convention.

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