Key #Election2016 States: PENNSYLVANIA

Electoral College Votes: 20
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The Keystone State is probably the most important in this year’s election, as demonstrated by the stream of recent rallies hosted by Trump on the Republican side and both Obamas for the Democrats.

While Trump has never been short of doubters on his own side, he had one strong argument. That he alone had the potential to win struggling rust-belt states with his ‘Make America Great Again’ theme, thus redrawing the electoral college map. No Republican has won here since George H W Bush in 1988.

It is certainly true that defeat here would spell big trouble for Clinton, as these 20 electoral college votes are part of her most straightforward route to 270 – which removes the need for traditional toss-ups like Florida and Ohio. For all Trump’s hype though, she has consistently led polls and, following the first TV debate, opened up leads of 9 and 10%.

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