Gamblers are obsessed with the Trump Impeachment Saga

When it all began nearly two years ago, we all knew it would be entertaining. What we didn’t realize was that entertainment would ultimately trump politics, and the daily business of the leader of the free world would become the first global soap opera.

The plot-lines are better than anything the writers of House of Cards could dream up. A celebrity businessman sweeps to power against all odds, only to find himself under investigation from the FBI amidst allegations of being a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ sponsored by a hostile foreign power, working alongside a fugitive hacker to fix the election.

Add in shadowy intelligence figures talk of blackmail involving recordings of hotel encounters with prostitutes and you’ve got a saga even Frank Underwood wouldn’t be able to manage.

While all this unfolds, Trump’s supporters allege an equally dark conspiracy by corrupt forces in the ‘deep state’ and media.

At any given moment, a cast member of this political thriller is liable to be targeted by some branch of the government. Even Trump’s glamorous family are dragged through the mud. Every little move in this drama makes instant news via Twitter, dividing a global audience along furious, partisan lines.

Naturally, the betting industry are all over it.

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