How Evan McMullin could be the next #POTUS

One of many strange features of this unique election cycle has been that, ever since the primary process yielded historically unpopular candidates, there has been constant speculation about finding alternatives to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

First there was months of speculation about Trump being blocked at the Republican Convention – prompting gambles about several alternatives. Most notably Paul Ryan was backed down to 15.0 despite never joining the race.

Then when Clinton fell ill with pneumonia at a 9/11 memorial, all hell broke loose on Betfair’s Next President market. Another non-runner, Joe Biden, shortened to just 20.0 Bernie Sanders around 30.0. Even Michelle Obama attracted some money at huge odds!

Most recently, after the emergence of the infamous #TrumpTapes, Mike Pence was backed down to 40.0 as rumours swirled about Republicans flipping their ticket. Now, with less than three weeks until polling day, a new name is rising. And unlike the others, Evan McMullin is actually on the ballot paper.

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