Clinton gains momentum as Donald Trump threatens to split the GOP

Clinton is the ultimate beneficiary of Trump's campaign

Democrat favourite shortens up on Betfair in response to GOP turmoil 

Jeb Bush’s Presidential campaign has hardly been the most effective, but the one-time runaway favourite for the Republican Nomination made perhaps his most prescient intervention last week, wondering whether Donald Trump had cooked up a deal with his old pal Hillary Clinton.

For the market response to Trump’s latest headline-grabbing plan – to ban all Muslims from entering the USA – has been overwhelmingly positive for the probable Democrat nominee. Seven weeks ahead of the primary process just to win her Democrat party’s nomination, Clinton is rated up to a 57% chance for the presidency, matched today at odds of 1.76.

It is easy to see why. Trump’s candidacy in general has spooked the GOP high command, who once hoped to have a strong, establishment-approved candidate effectively in place by early March.


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