2020 US Election – Could Donald Trump be replaced on the GOP ticket?

Donald Trump is weakening on Betfair’s 2020 US Election markets. From a low of 1.98 he’s out to 2.24 in the wake of atrocious polls and ever more erratic behaviour. There’s also a minor move against him to be the Republican Nominee, from 1.08 to 1.14.

Granted, these are lower odds than the levels I’ve repeatedly advised laying at ever since he won the presidency. My average lay point is 2.62. No matter – I’m more confident now than ever.

Polls deteriorating as problems mount

Persistently dire, Trump’s numbers are worsening. His approval rating has fallen with various top-rated pollsters with AP’s 36/62 split the worst. Poll after poll show a plurality, up to the high fifties, say they want somebody else.

This during a particularly awful news cycle that shows no sign of abating. Following his ‘send them back’ slogan aimed at American-born Democrat Congresswomen, 57% say he fuels white supremacy. As explained last week, an impeachment trial could be looming. Various ongoing investigations keep revealing more scandal.

Ridiculing his mental health is now a mainstream talking point – reinforced by his bizarre, spurned attempt to buy Greenland and declaring himself as ‘The Chosen One’.

Recession fears hurt re-election message

More damaging, to his re-election message, is talk of recession. The stock market is down and nervy as the trade war with China ramps up. Dire polls are, naturally, dismissed as fake, even when from Fox News.

Nobody is attacking more vociferously than Anthony Scaramucci. Famous for being White House Press Secretary for all of 11 days, ‘The Mooch’ has spent the past fortnight hammering Trump on Twitter and the TV studios, labelling him a ‘complete lunatic’ and fascist despot.

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One response to “2020 US Election – Could Donald Trump be replaced on the GOP ticket?”

  1. Polls are not always correct. You do remember the last US elections no doubt? Dave Chappell’s new Netflix comedy Sticks & Stones, sheds light on why a democrat defeat may be enevitable in 2020.

    There seems an interesting twist to some of Trumps erratic behaviour. The odd stories used to weed out dissenting information leakers? Madeline Westerhout being a prime example.

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