2020 US Election Betting: Who will be the Democrat candidate?

Less than a year after the most memorable election in the history of political betting, it is time to start thinking seriously about the sequel. While speculation remains rife regarding whether President Donald Trump will again be the Republican candidate or even last a full term – he’s only rated 50% likely to do so at even money in our Exit Date market – their Democrat rivals are set to serve up the most exciting market for 2020.

Remember how 18 Republicans fought out that anarchic primary to be their candidate in 2016? Well the number of potential Democrat runners right now is not dissimilar. This will not be a repeat of that relatively predictable Clinton v Sanders head-to-head.

Sensing a golden opportunity to take on an extremely damaged opponent in 2020, Democrat hopefuls are already staking out electorally advantageous positions and raising their profile in the key primary states. Let’s take a closer look at some of the leading runners, at least according to the betting.

Kamala Harris

Democrat nomination odds: 5/1
2020 President odds: 14/1

The ideal Democrat candidate these days would probably be a minority woman, currently earning medals as part of ‘The Resistance’ to Trump. Step forward the one to beat in this race. Often billed as the next Democrat superstar, Kamala Harris has been busy and vocal, fighting Trump on the left’s key issues – particularly the failed repeal of Obamacare and plan to deport ‘Dreamers’.

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