Latest Brexit Betting – Can Anyone Stop No Deal?

We may have a new PM, Cabinet, fear of national meltdown and much talk of urgency, but the fundamentals of British politics haven’t changed. The clock towards a no deal Brexit is ticking, politicians and journalists are locked in discussion about how to prevent it. A good time to update my scenarios piece from last month.

Markets doubt Brexit happens on time

All signals strongly suggest Boris Johnson will pin his entire reputation on delivering Brexit by 31st October. His Cabinet and advisors are equally purist on the subject. Nobody expects a deal with the EU, although one can never rule out some last-minute mini-deals in order to avert chaos.

Despite the adamance of the government, No Deal in 2019 is still odds-against on Betfair – the latest odds are [2.6], equivalent to a 38% likelihood. Leaving by October 31st via any means is [2.3] (43%).

Plenty of punters evidently believe either the EU will blink, a deal that very few believe in will finally get through parliament, or that opponents of no deal will find a way to block it.

Is Corbyn letter a gamechanger?

On that score, we are slightly clearer about what comes next, after Jeremy Corbyn published his letter to the other leaders of no-deal parties.

When parliament resumes, Labour will call a Vote of No Confidence in the government. This is now rated 90% likely to happen in 2019 and probably under-estimated at that. That vote is expected to pass.

The government’s majority is one, or three if including Charles Elphicke MP – who has lost the Tory whip whilst awaiting trial for sexual assault. With defections the majority will disappear over the summer and it now seems sure that Tory rebels will at least fulfil the first task required to block no deal – bring down their own government.

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  1. Paul, if you like to bet on politics then i’m surprised you don’t bet on the oscars cos they are becoming so political ; indeed they are a reflection of politics and the zeitgeist ..moreover, there is the excellent Gold Derby for expert analysis and predictions .. I bet every year and usually win as it’s not difficult if you have political nous and an ear for the chime of politics ; those Leftist in Hollywood are just soooo predictable

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