Are these the 10 names on Trump’s VP shortlist?

With confirmation that Hillary Clinton will not be indicted and with a few days until the long-winded plans to strip Donald Trump from the Republican nomination are almost certainly defeated, the big story involves their respective VP picks.

Trump goes first in Cleveland next week and speculation continues to circle about numerous candidates, even at this late stage. Earlier this week, Trump said there were around ten names under consideration.

Allowing for the caveat that he may not be telling the truth – the master of self-publicity has demonstrated a unique ability to get the media discussing him on a loop – ten does sound plausible. Many have ruled themselves out, including his main rivals from the primaries and, just this week, Senators Joni Ernst and Bob Corker.

Working on the dubious assumption that neither Ernst or Corker were on that final shortlist, let’s try and name the ten in contention.

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***Republican VP Portfolio Update***

As Mike Pence shortened up this week, I announced a partial cashout of our 33/1 position on the Indiana Governor on Twitter.

That leaves the overall position as follows:

Chris Christie +95 units

Mike Pence + 59 units

Ben Carson -25 units

John Kasich -65 units

Others +27 units

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