US Election Betting Portfolio Update

With the confirmation of both candidates at the party conventions, the second and final stage of the US Presidential Election is underway. A wide array of new, interesting markets have just opened on Betfair – including state betting and the distribution of electoral college votes.

From now, with several UK political markets now settled and my busy summer sports schedule drawing to a close, the US election is my primary focus – I’ll be back in the States by the end of August. Before we get into that, though, let’s update the markets now settled and our bets going forward. My latest position was announced on Twitter on Friday.

First, the Vice Presidential markets yielded a total of 54 units profit. 59 on the GOP side after backing Mike Pence; 5 units loss on the Democrats after backing Tom Perez.

So far as the main nominations are concerned, we made 87 units profit on Donald Trump becoming the Republican nominee although, as regular readers will know, this was a disappointing outcome given huge positions on Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan. Both enabled a profit to be secured, but the dream scenario of a brokered convention never materialised.

I didn’t play the Democrat nominee market as I always believed Hillary Clinton would win but her odds were always extremely prohibitive. Instead, some trades on her and Bernie Sanders in the Next President market secured 14 units profit. That sum forms part of the updated profit and loss table listed below.

All of my published advice is listed here in the complete election betting portfolio. So far, I’ve made 156 units profit but, as you can see, a Donald Trump presidency could wipe it all out and more. If you’re following my bets, don’t worry. I remain very confident!

Next President

Hillary Clinton +62 units
Donald Trump -176 units
Others +62 units

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