New position: Lay back Sanders, leave risk free bet

One new bet to advise – as per my advice on Twitter from this morning.

So, what I’m doing here is taking all the risk out of the Bernie Sanders bet advised last week, when his odds were 24. By selling or laying back the 15 unit stake, no money can be lost on the trade. If he wins, I’ll make the difference between 24 and 11, multiplied by 15 units. That equates to 195 units profit if Sanders wins the presidency.

24 – 11 = 13. 13 x 15 units = 195 units.

As I’m already on Hillary Clinton – albeit at odds lower than her current rating – I have a cover in case she fails to secure the nomination. Because if Sanders is the nominee, I’ll be able to sell the position again, cashing out, with more than the 50 units stake that would have been lost on Clinton.

Feel free to ask questions about this complex series of trades and cover-trades!

Here’s my updated election bets portfolio.

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