Was latest humiliation Theresa May’s last stand?

This article was first published on March 13th, for betting.betfair.com

For a strange, brief moment yesterday, amid predictable hype of a last minute gamechanger in Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations, a serious gamble on Theresa May’s EU Withdrawal Agreement passing gained momentum.

As it turned out, the PM’s late dash was in vain, and very little had changed. She fared better than the first vote, but was still handed the third biggest defeat in parliamentary history, by a margin of 149.

Brexit on verge of stalling ahead of key votes

What next? Parliament will attempt again to take control of the Brexit pass over the next few days. First, there will be a free vote on a motion to block No Deal – rated 95% likely to pass on Betfair’s market at odds of 1.04.

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