Has Donald Trump gone too far this time?

Trump's odds are falling fast

Trump condemned across GOP spectrum over call to ban Muslims

Considering the election isn’t until next November and even the first primary nearly two months away, the liquidity and volatility on Betfair’s US Presidential Election markets is unprecedented. The reason? As illustrated by record audiences for the TV debates, Donald Trump’s candidacy has captured public interest. Love him or hate him, he’s entertaining and, try as one might, he can’t be ignored.

A recurring theme in the markets has been a marked response to each of his controversial interventions. What normally happens is he says something outrageous – labelling Mexican immigrants as rapists or women as fat pigs were two typical examples – then markets react is if he’s just committed electoral suicide. Only to bounce back a day or so later, once gamblers realise that these outrageous comments are designed to appeal to his target audience.

That theme has been evident in the last 24 hours, after Trump dominated the airwaves once again, this time saying there should be a blanket ban on Muslims entering the country. From being matched at 4.00 for the Republican Nomination on Monday, his lowest odds yet, equating to a 25% chance, Trump is back out to 5.40 (18%) this morning.

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