Donald Trump odds hit their shortest yet, but beware underlying poll numbers

Front-runner remains well behind in favorability among GOP supporters

After nearly six months topping the polls for Republican Nominee, Donald Trump continues to confound conventional wisdom. Rather than falling away under scrutiny as the race gets serious, two surveys out yesterday showed the billionaire significantly extending his national lead.

Bloomberg record him 4% ahead, PPP say 7%. In both cases, fellow non-politician Ben Carson is in second place, with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz vying for third place on about half Trump’s total.

Betfair punters, who have remained sceptical of these outsider candidacies throughout, are finally beginning to take him seriously. Trump traded at his lowest odds to date this morning at 4.6 for the nomination and 10 for the presidency. That equates to 22% and 10% ratings respectively. Only Rubio at 2.32 (43%) and 5.6 (18%), is rated likelier amongst Republicans.

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