Brexit betting – Is Boris Johnson’s plan about to hit a wall?

This article first appeared at on 21st October 2019

In keeping with the general rule of Brexit, the facts changed whilst writing my last piece on Friday. The Letwin Amendment duly obliterated the government’s plan for a straight vote on their Brexit deal and consequently, ‘Super Saturday’ didn’t quite live up to its billing.

It would therefore be folly to presume anything about the days ahead but the fundamentals still apply – Brexit is reaching its endgame.

Will EU accept extension?

Despite protestations from Boris Johnson and the charade of multiple letters saying different things to the EU, an extension to Article 50 has been requested. All calculations are contingent on their response.

The government remain adamant they will leave the EU on 31st October. Hard Brexiter MP Daniel Kawczynski is lobbying Poland and Hungary. Any one of the EU27 can veto the extension.

In the meantime, the government will try to bring back the Meaningful Vote today – believing they just about have the numbers to pass. Betfair’s market on it rates ‘Yes’ odds-on at 1.9. Note, however, that the vote must take place today or that market becomes void. As Lewis Goodall of Sky News explains, this is unlikely. Given that the MV is now uncertain to take place this year, I’ve cashed out the bet on Yes advised on Friday at 1.9 at 1.56 for a profit.

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