Key States Preview: NEVADA

Electoral College Votes: 6
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These six electoral college votes will be among the most keenly contested as NV has picked every president since 1976. Polls have regularly pointed to a near dead-heat although there could be sampling issues here. Local political expert Jon Ralston has argued that Hispanics may be understated and registration numbers reinforce that theory.

Trump’s Las Vegas casinos probably aid his image in the state and he certainly won a thumping victory in the primaries. However NV could turn out to be another place where his divisive language and policies prove costly.

At the last census, 20% of this state’s population was Hispanic and that number is growing fast. In addition to that sizeable anti-Trump bloc, 6% are Mormon (much higher than average). Whereas Mormons broke decisively for co-religionist Romney in 2012, Trump has had enormous troubles trying to win over this community across the USA.

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