The Political Gambler

Paul Krishnamurty, aka The Political Gambler, has been chief analyst for the world’s leading betting exchange,, for nine years. A politics graduate from the University of Hull, he has been successfully predicting elections since the turn of the century. In the recent Labour leadership contest, he tipped eventual winner Jeremy Corbyn when he was the 24/1 outsider, mocked and dismissed by the mainstream media.

Having mastered political betting in UK General Elections and party leadership contests, 2008 was his first US election. He backed both Barack Obama at 10/1 to become President and John McCain at 20/1 for the Republican Nomination. From 2010 onwards, he strongly and consistently advised backing Obama to win a second term.

The 2016 US Presidential Election will be the biggest betting event of all-time, and Paul is devoting the entire year to touring the USA. He’ll be covering all the debates and primaries, ahead of the main contest. Check here for regular analysis, betting updates and tips!

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  1. I’m a political junkie and I really like your analysis in your Politico article. There’s a lot at stake in the US presidential election, namely the appointment of 2 and maybe 3 Supreme Court judges who have life time terms. The wild card, and I don’t know where it’s leading, is the prospect of terrorism a la Paris and San Bernadino even though, according to a prominent statistician, the odds of getting shot are 1 in 4,000,000. Further there’s a great deal of prejudice against Muslims because they seemingly are not assimilating in our Midwest and throughout Europe. I think Trump has a chance. Paul, when you get to San Francisco, I’d like to meet. I’ll give you a Work Kills sweatshirt as a memento. I own 415 346-9217 Peter

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