Key #Election2016 States: WISCONSIN


Electoral College Votes: 10
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Though only offering ten electoral college votes, the Badger State is one of the most important. Along with Pennsylvania, it is probably the most vulnerable in Clinton’s firewall.

The bad news for Trump is that no Republican has won it since Ronald Reagan in 1984. Four years ago, one would have thought they had the dream ticket with popular Congressman Paul Ryan running as Romney’s VP, yet they still lost by 7% to Obama/Biden.

The Wisconsin electorate is particularly active and politicised, following years of conflict between GOP Governor Scott Walker and the labor unions. That didn’t work out well for Trump in the primaries as, unlike elsewhere, prominent Conservatives such as Charlie Sykes were determined to scrutinise the New Yorker’s ideological credentials.

The result was a series of media disasters and a thumping defeat to Ted Cruz at a time when the presumptive nominee should have been cruising to victories. He’ll need to do significantly better in Conservative strongholds such as Waukesha County.

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