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  • #Election2016 update for “Watching the Hawks”

    #Election2016 update for “Watching the Hawks”

    Yesterday, I was privileged to make a return visit to RT America’s “Watching The Hawks’, to discuss the latest US Election betting news with Tyrel Ventura. We also discussed Brexit – both in terms of the betting and whether the UK will actually leave the European Union. Watch the full interview here    

  • Interview with Steve Cheveney for Fox

    Interview with Steve Cheveney for Fox

    My second visit to the Fox studios in Washington DC was particularly enjoyable. In this film, I discuss the concept, scale and nature of political betting with Steve Cheveney, in addition to updating the US election odds and forecasting the race ahead. This was the morning of the Fox News Republican Debate from Detroit, about which I correctly…

  • Interview on RT America’s “Watching the Hawks”

        This was a most enjoyable interview, for the excellent show :”Watching the Hawks” on RT America. Here, I discuss the scale of betting on the 2016 US Election, along with the Democrat and Republican races with Tyler Ventura and Tabetha Wallace.

  • Iowa Caucuses night on ABC – WOI TV

    Normally on this night, I would have been sat at home in the UK, up through the night, watching the results on TV whilst trading the race odds in-running. This time around, my first election night in the USA, I was invited to discuss political betting on the live results show of ABC’s Iowa affiliate…

  • Interview on Fox with Annie Yu

    Interview on Fox with Annie Yu

    This was a short interview conducted recently in Washington DC on Fox5, discussing the concept of political betting and how the 2016 US Election would be the biggest ever.

  • Political Betting on the 2016 US Election!

    Earlier this summer, I was privileged to be the guest on a superb pilot political talk show, The Cheat Sheet, presented by Melissa Caen of CBS KPIX 5. In this short film, we discuss the concept of political betting, past trends regarding US elections and my early views about 2016. I should point out at…

  • UK Election films for Betfair Predicts

    As content editor of the comprehensive Betfair Predicts coverage of the UK General Election, I made a series of 13 films alongside the former Lib Dem MP and broadcaster Lembit Opik, and the political biographer Mark Stuart, an academic at Nottingham University. Here are some of the highlights. I particularly enjoyed discussing UKIP, having successfully…